Denis Lanctot

Denis Lanctot comes from the province of Quebec and now lives in
Ottawa, Ontario.

He started playing the fiddle at age seven as well as several other
instruments. He was self-taught and developed his own unique
musicality greatly influenced by two of the greatest fiddlers of the
20th century: Jean Carignan of Quebec and Sean McGuire of Ireland.
He has had the unique opportunity of knowing and playing with
Jean Carignan. He was also influenced by the music and style of
the great James Scott Skinner of Scotland.

He began entering fiddle contests at the age of fourteen, competed
in Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia and the eastern United States.
He has won more than one hundred awards. He has performed at the
1982 Knoxville World's Fair representing traditional French Canadian
music, as well as the 1986 Vancouver World's Fair also representing
traditional French Canadian music, as well as many other events
throughout his musical career.

However, he is in his element playing at sessions where he has
won the admiration of so many fiddle fans, players and listeners alike.
He has loyal fans wherever he happens to be playing who always
admire the wonderful voice that he extracts from his violin through his
masterful hands. Anyone who is fortunate enough to experience
Denis playing his violin is usually transported to a different place
being mesmerized by the beauty of the music. His God given talent
is revealed in the extraordinary signature of his bowing technique.

Denis is a professional violin and piano instructor who tends to
all levels of students.